Membership Dues

All current memberships will end on December 31, 2023. We have temporarily suspended new and renewal membership sign-ups until early 2024.

Our membership terms are changing, effective January 1, 2024. Starting in January, membership in the Midwest Weavers Association will be $20 for a two-year membership. New two-year memberships will start when you sign up and end two years from that date. 

If you are not a member when registering for a Midwest Weavers Association conference, you will be prompted to pay for a membership at the time of registration.

We will update this page with the new membership sign-up information once it is available early in 2024 and resume taking new memberships at that time. Once the new system is in place, all members — new and renewing — will need to complete the membership sign-up process in that system.

Payment Options

Starting in January, we will be using a membership and conference registration system that includes secure credit card processing. 

We will no longer use PayPal to process payments and we will no longer accept payments by check.