Nancy Crampton took her first weaving class in 1967 and she knew this was “it.” The joke in her family is that when they first got married, they bought a mattress to sleep on and a floor loom. Nancy has a BS in art from Western Michigan University and did graduate work in craft design at Florida State University. She taught her first class in 1983 at her local yarn store and has been teaching ever since.

For 9 years, Nancy was head of the Fiber Department at the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts and continue to teach workshops there. She teaches workshops at art centers, weaving conferences and guilds, including Convergence 2018, and twice-yearly at John C. Campbell Folk School in NC. In addition to teaching, Nancy’s work focuses on rugs and tapestry and is represented in public and private collections. She has participated in national wholesale and retail shows and is represented by several galleries.

Nancy participates in retail craft fairs and solo and group shows during the year. She is active in the Weavers Guild of Kalamazoo, Michigan League of Handweavers, Signature Artists’ Cooperative and the American Tapestry Alliance. Nancy’s website is: