Joan Sheridan is a weaver, knitter, spinner, fiber explorer and owner of Heritage Spinning and Weaving in Lake Orion, Michigan since 2000. Trained as an educator and curriculum developer by the US Army, she is a natural teacher and leader. She attended College for Creative Studies and graduated from Wayne State University.

Since 2012, Joan has volunteered in The Henry Ford Museum’s conservation department as a textile specialist. In 2020, Long Thread Media released a video of Joan’s “Turned Krokbragd on the Inkle” class. She has taught at the Michigan League of Handweavers annual conferences, at guilds and fiber festivals, and at her shop in person and via Zoom. She has been published in Handwoven, Spin-Off, Ashford’s The Wheel, Piecework, Little Looms and other magazines.

Additionally, she is active in the non-profit community, has been recognized for her innovative business initiatives nationally, and serves as a DDA director in her Mainstreet community. Her website is: