There are so many beautiful ribbons, cords, braids, trims and chunky yarns out there … why not weave them into a unique “fabric?” In this half day hands-on workshop, you will learn the simple “Over and Under” of basic weaving using beautiful ribbons, trims, and yarns to create a smallish piece of fabric. It’s all held together by ironing the ribbons to a backing fabric using “stitch witchery.” This is a fun way to use up pieces of ribbon while making something useful. Instructor will provide sewing machines for classroom demonstrations and participant use; steam irons and ironing boards for classroom demonstrations and participant use; demonstration materials and pass-around samples; and finished examples of products that use the ribbon weaving technique, which participants can examine during class.
Instructor: Sandy Cahill

Length: ½ Day

Materials Fee: $25, covers all general hand-outs, including tips and techniques plus materials resources; Participant Kit that includes pre-cut ribbons, backing fabric, and stitch witchery; T-pins; 15”x15” working board for use in the workshop; ribbon rolls and pieces; backing fabric; and stitch witchery for participants to practice the ribbon weaving technique

Skill Level: Any level, including Beginner

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • Sharp scissors
  • Pencil & paper for taking notes