This one-day session is a refresher on warping your loom from back to front. We will review the basics in the morning, warp a plain weave dish cloth, get it on the loom and weave it. In the afternoon we will complete all the steps above and weave a twill dish cloth. This is a great way to hone your warping skills and enable you to be comfortable with the skill when you do it on your own.

Instructor: Sharon Bowles

Length: 1 Day

Materials fee:  $10 for handouts and warp threads

Skill Level:  All (but geared toward people needing a refresher in setting up a warp)

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • 4-shaft table or floor loom
  • Raddle
  • Warping pegs
  • Craft paper or cardboard for the back beam
  • Shuttle and bobbins
  • Weft yarns; list and complete equipment list will be emailed ahead of class