St. Petersburg Chain stitch can be used for something as simple as a bracelet, but can also be stitched together for a wider look or made into long chains. This intricate stitch uses two sizes of seed beads. Participants will finish at least one small bracelet during this time. We can discuss further uses and plans for their pieces on an individual basis once participants have the stitch down. This is a stitch Jenny often uses to edge her larger weavings or uses in conjunction with other beadwork and weaving techniques.

Instructor: Jenny Schu

Length: 1 Day

Materials Fee: $12, includes 1 needle, thread, instructions, pearl for closure and first 6g of main seed bead color, 2g of middle accent seed bead color. Participants are welcome to purchase more supplies from the instructor as desired.

Skill Level: Intermediate; if participants have been doing some sort of needlework for a number of years they will probably be able to follow along. Participants should be accustomed to threading a needle and have done/enjoy some sort of needlework.

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • Note-taking supplies
  • Optional: Preferred Bead Mat or Tray (to work off of), your own seed beads/bead stash