Break out of blocks with split-shed weaving. Weave curves and blend colors using continuous wefts on a 4-shaft loom with no special equipment. In this workshop, participants will weave multiple combinations of structures using a split shed and a straight threading. Only tie-ups and treadling are changed between samples. Most of these combinations would normally require a minimum of 8 shafts.

Work with combinations of twills, summer and winter, Han damask, taqueté, double weave and more! Weave samples using continuous, complementary, and supplementary wefts, as well as wefts which combine to produce shading (color-blending) for pictorial weaving. (This is similar to the process Deborah Silver uses to create her art.) Participants will also learn to make a cartoon on cloth that will advance with the warp and will not wrinkle when beating. Although participants will not be able to complete all of the samples in class, they will leave with the ability to complete them at home. This workshop can be done on a table loom, but the process is faster on floor looms.

Instructor: Deborah Silver 

Length: 3 Days

Materials Fee: $15, covers all cartoon-making materials, hand-outs, and additional wefts.

Skill Level: Participants should know how to warp and weave on a simple 4-shaft pattern.

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: 

  • 4-shaft table or floor loom pre-warped with 8/4 cotton carpet warp. Set-up instructions and suggestions for weft yarns will be sent in advance.
  • Two flat shuttles and one shuttle of their choosing for use with an 8″-9″ wide warp
  • A variety of weft yarns for sampling