We will begin the workshop with a discussion of drafting and understanding crackle weave.  We will then move to the looms and weave 10 – 12 samples, using different treadling ideas, including polychromes.  Color is a big part of crackle, and we will experiment with that as well.

Instructor: Beth Duncan

Length: 3 Days

Materials Fee:  $10, for handouts, and additional yarns for participant use.

Skill Level: Intermediate; participants should be comfortable with drafting and understand different treadlings and tie-ups, which will be explained in detail.

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • Minimum 4-shaft, pre-warped loom; threading draft will be sent to participants 4 weeks prior to class, along with yarn, color ,and grist instructions. You may choose which draft you would like to use for class. Looms should be dressed and tested for errors before class begins.
  • Scissors, post-it notes, pen/pencil, paper
  • Weft yarns the same size as the warp, and some larger than the warp, in colors that work well with the warp, and some surprises for experimenting
  • 3-4 shuttles, many bobbins, and/or stick shuttles