SAORI is a contemporary hand weaving style founded in Japan. This Zen, therapeutic method of free-style weaving without any rules or restrictions of what or how to weave can temporarily remove us from the stress of our daily lives.

Participants in this class will relax, enjoy, explore, and develop positive thinking through weaving. Be ready to feel like you are 5 years old and be ready to follow your heart! Even though there are only two harnesses, participants can still enjoy weaving with many colors, textures and utilizing the inherent sense of exploration we all possess! You will be amazed how much you can do with two harnesses. The warp will be set so you can start weaving right away and you can take home whatever length you weave.

We always try to do what only human beings can do, without imitating machine-made products. No two weavers are alike, so it is very natural that every single cloth, freely woven by people with different personalities, is beautiful in a unique way. Irregular selvages and accidental skips of thread add to the un-programmed beauty of SAORI cloths. We admire this irregularity as the unintentional beauty resulting from our natural creativity.

Instructor: Chiaki O’Brien

Length: ½ Day

Materials Fee: $20, covers use of looms; yarns provided

Skill Level: All

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: None