Nålbinding (also known as knotless netting) is an ancient looping technique dating back to at least 3,000 B.C. It has been found in six of the seven continents, but no one knows for sure where it first originated. While the technique was almost lost and forgotten once knitting was developed, nålbinding has recently experienced a resurgence of popularity, due in part to reenactment groups seeking to replicate Viking era traditions like nålbinding which was used to craft socks, hats and mittens. In this class, you will have an opportunity to learn some of the basic nålbinding stitches that are the foundation of this very old fiber technique and which are suitable for making a hat. Participants will complete their hat outside of class time.

Instructor: Melba Granlund

Length: 2 Days

Materials Fee: $25, which covers the cost of written instructions, one hand-carved wooden nålbinding needle, and practice yarns.

Skill Level: No prior experience in nålbinding is required.

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

Participants should bring one skein of single-ply woolen yarn in their choice of color for their project. Suggested yarns include Lamb’s Pride worsted, Alafoss Lopi, or other single-ply woolen yarn.