This is a one-day workshop on mixed media collages that incorporate multiple materials and feature handwoven fabrics. Each student will be producing a small collage, using techniques I’ve developed. Making a fiber collage is a layering process, using pieces of handwoven fabric (e.g., samples, end of a scarf or napkin warp, scraps from handwoven garments, small tapestries). Other materials that can be incorporated include handmade papers, dyed fabrics, beads, buttons, leaves, twigs, stones, feathers, and found objects. Instructor’s goal for this class is to encourage experimentation and get the creative process flowing; she wants participants to break away from what they usually do with fabric and try something new. Instructor will bring an assortment of treasures: handwoven fabrics, silk organza, interesting papers, beads, shells, stones, twigs, reed, pressed leaves, screen, buttons, glues, acrylics, textile paints, permanent markers, brushes, stencils, hot glue gun, an iron, tabletop ironing board, and a sewing machine.

Instructor: Jan Friedman  

Length: 1 Day

Materials Fee: $15.00 for the cotton/linen and foam core that we will mount our collages on, plus use of the supplies that I bring.

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: