This workshop will concentrate on developing slow color gradations using color grouping.  You can achieve wonderfully rich colors by combining numerous thin yarns of varying shades. By choosing different fibers such as rayon, wool, cotton, silk, and metallic yarn, you also can add subtle textural interest to your work.  Further textural effects will be created by working with dyed silk and cotton fabric strips.

We will weave a slow color gradation using pre-packaged yarn groupings. Simple tapestry techniques will be used. We will create different textures with silk and cotton fabric strips. These exercises are applicable to wall hangings, rugs, bags, garments, etc.  Samples will be displayed.

Instructor: Jan Friedman

Length: 3 Days

Materials Fee: $45 for yarns and fibers

Skill Level: All

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: 

Loom (minimum 10” wide), warped at 6 EPI with natural color carpet warp or cotton seine twine (12/6 or 12/9), 2 yards long. Table or floor loom preferred, but sturdy tapestry loom such as Mirrix or Schacht with adjustable tension is okay. Double the selvedge threads.