How to finish those edges that ravel so easily is always a stumbling block when sewing garments from handwoven fabric. The “easy” solution is to line the garment, but that is not always viable. In this half-day workshop you will make useful take-home samplers of several edge finishing techniques that elegantly finish the edges of handwoven garments.

Instructor will provide two sewing machines and two serger machines for classroom demonstrations and participant use if needed; two steam irons and ironing boards for classroom demonstrations and for participant use; instruction sheets for edge finishing techniques; demonstration materials and pass-around samples of edge-finishing techniques; and finished examples of art-to-wear garments that use the edge finishing techniques for participants to examine during the class.

Instructor: Sandy Cahill

Length:  ½ Day

Materials Fee: $30, which covers all general handouts, including tips and techniques plus materials resources; Participant Kit with pre-made sampler materials, including instructions and handwoven fabric for each participant to make their take-home edge finishing samplers; handwoven fabric scraps for participants to practice the edge finishing techniques; and notebook for each participant to contain their workshop hand-outs, instruction sheets, and take-home samplers.

Skill Level: Intermediate (comfortable with sewing on a sewing machine)

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: