Deflected doubleweave integrates two layers of fabric into one, creating geometric designs that shift and bend into shapes with a surprisingly organic feel. This workshop explores the workings of this complex-looking weave structure, breaking it down into simple components. We will weave multiple patterns on each draft and look at a technique for reading your cloth and designing at the loom.

Participants work at their own looms to weave a sampler of different pattern possibilities with their individual draft.

Instructor: Angela Schneider

Length: 2 Days

Materials Fee: $15, which covers workshop handouts, worksheets, and weaving drafts

Skill Level: Intermediate; weavers must be able to read a draft and warp a loom prior to class.

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • Pre-warped multi-shaft floor or table loom warped prior to class (8-shaft recommended; 4-shaft looms are allowed but designs are very limited.) Instructor will provide warping instructions before class.
  • 2 or 3 shuttles, bobbins. Extra shuttles and bobbins are helpful for color exploration.ยท
  • Typical weaving tools: scissors, tapestry needles, tape measure, t-pins, etc.
  • Warp and weft yarns

Pre-class Preparation: Select one draft from materials provided by instructor and pre-warp loom prior to class, up to tying on and weaving a header