Color is one of the major tools every weaver has at their disposal. Part science and part intuition, it can be very intimidating selecting the right combination of colors to achieve your desired result. This workshop will focus on selecting colors for the warp and weft, along with lots of discussion on how the eye will blend them together. By the time participants complete the class, they will have a better understanding of how to manage color in their weaving projects. Participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at multiple different projects in order to experiment with manipulating color. This workshop is designed specifically for beginning weavers, but anyone curious about color is welcome to attend! Instructor will provide at least one table loom for the participants to experiment on. No prior preparation required.

Instructor: Chris Acton

Length: 1 Day

Materials Fee:  $30 for handouts and multiple tester “looms” (cardboard pieces to try out various color combinations).

Skill Level: All

Equipment & Supplies to Bring: Any unsuccessful weaving projects where color was a problem