Like anything magical, 3/1, 1/3 twill block structure appears more complex and mysterious than it is. It alternates warp and weft dominant twill sections in the threading and treadling. While you weave a turned twill gamp (sampler) on 8 shafts you will experience the infinite variety of effects created when you experiment with the “what ifs.” What if I add color changes in the weft, weave that block longer, reverse the twill angle, rearrange the tie-up, change the treadling order, or add texture…..? Your finished gamp will provide unending inspiration for future projects. Come and be inspired by the magic!

Instructor: Heather Winslow

Length: 3 Days

Materials Fee: $10 for binder of handouts and miscellaneous supplies

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner (have woven on 8 shafts and able to dress a loom independently), to advanced

Equipment & Supplies to Bring:

  • 8 shaft loom pre-warped with 8/2 cotton at sett 24 epi; instructor will provide warping instructions in advance
  • Weft of 8/2 cotton and small amounts of other wefts for special effects
  • Shuttle, bobbins, bobbin winder if you have one.
  • Scissors and tape measure
  • Hang tags to label samples
  • Normal weaving supplies – T-pins, weights for broken threads, sticky notes or magnetic board to keep track of treadling, masking tape, etc.
  • Note-taking supplies