Keynote Speaker - Amy Norris & John Mullarkey

Uncommon Threads, Uncommon Creativity

Keynote Speaker

Two accomplished weavers, two different styles. One could organize the Smithsonian’s attic (in a week and would love it), the other stacks piles as a way of managing his tasks (the most recent stuff on top). One creates elegant designs from a 40-shaft AVL CompuDobby floor loom in a basement studio. The other weaves delicate patterns from a four-shaft tablet loom that sits wherever he wants to place it.

Two different people but complementary personalities. Each loves the challenges of structure, and each is eager to try something new. They push each other to push the limits of design and their own abilities. They feed off each other’s critiques and ideas. Yes, on their own, each is an accomplished weaver, but each is better because of the other.