Class Grid

Teacher Preconference Mon-Wed Fri AM Fri PM Sat AM Sat PM
Layna Bentley FM301-How to have a Successful Guild SaleFA314-Uncommon Threads SA313-How I Fell in Love at "Tender Buttons"
Katherine Buenger FM302-Sami-Inspired BraceletFA315-Tin Thread NecklaceSM301-Tin Thread Chevron Braided BraceletSA314-Tin Thread Bracelet with Beads and Magnetic Clasp
Greg Cotton FM303-Can't Stand Intarsia? SF201-Learn to Use a Spindle
Geke de Vries  FA316-India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through India  
Laura DemuthPC001-Introduction to BoundweaveFF201-Introduction to NalbindingSM302-Twined KnittingSA315-Brioche Knitting
Karen Donde FF202-Spice Up Your Weaving: A Design ChallengeSM303-How and Why to Turn a DraftSA316-Go Big with Color and Weave Effects
Beth Duncan   SM304-Itty Bitty Boundweave 
Dawn Edwards FF203-Fabulous Felt Flower Fascinators & BroochesSF202-Woodsy Forest Vessels
Sarah FortinPC002-Art to WearFF204-More Than 4-Color Block DoubleweaveSM305-Weaving in 3-D DoubleweaveSA317-Design Process: From Inspiration to Finished Project
Louise FrenchPC003-Baskets Aplenty  SF203-Bands with a Purpose
Jan FriedmanPC004-Exercises in Color Blending and TextureFF205-Fiber Collage  
Stephenie Gaustad FF206-3 Basic Drafting TechniquesSM306-Spinning Cotton on a SpindleSA318-Breaking the Rules
Constance Hall FF207-Beginning Rigid Heddle WeavingSF204-Pattern Weaving on Rigid Heddle Loom
Joanne Hall FF208-Introduction to Tapestry WeavingSF205-Band Weaving on a Rigid Heddle Reed
Donna HansonPC005-Warp-Rep: Warping and Weaving Tips and TechniquesFF209-Sleying the Warping DragonSM307-Unlock the Mysteries of Weaving DraftsSA319-Create Color Wraps to Make Colorfuls Warps
Betty Huttner FM304-Temari: Swirl Stitching SM308-Temari: Interlocked Bands 
Carol James FF210-Introduction to SprangSF206-Intermediate Sprang: Twining Patterns
Terry Jones  FA317-Recycling Commercial Sweaters for Their Yarn: A Thrifty Option  
Donna Kallner FM305-Toothbrush RugsFA318-Ripple Effect LoopingSM309-Faux Braid from a Needle 
Laura Klaus FM306-KK's Market BasketFA319-Napkin BasketSM310-Remote ToteSA320-Square Cake Carrier
Rebecca Kobos    SA321-Mini Fabric Collage
Marilyn Moore FM307-Catch of the DayFA320-Basket BeautiesSF207-Explore, Experience, and Create: Adventures with Wire Cloth
John MullarkeyPC006-Tablet Weaving From Around the World    
Rebecca Reed  FA316-India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through India  
Beth SmithPC007-How Red Got Her Cape: The Secrets to Purposeful SpinningFM309-Going Steady SF209-Practically Perfect in Every Way: The Leicester, the Marry Poppins of a Breeds Family
Robyn Spady PC008-A Parallel Threading Is the Weaver's PlaygroundFM310-Introduction to Network DraftingFA322-The Devil's in the DetailSM311-Weave Structures: Totally Twill--the BasicsSA322-Deciphering the Drawdown
Liz SpearPC009-Nuno Felt: Pieces, Patches, and Yardage    
Meg Stump FM311-Introduction to Pin Loom Weaving: Mug Rug with Flowers and BeeFA323-Five Essential Pin loom JoinsSM312-Gnome for the HolidaysSA323-From Pin Loom to Eternity (Scarf): How to Make Those Squares Adorn Your Neck
Dianne Totten FM312-Crimp Cloth PrimerFA324-From Cone to Clothing: One Weaver's JourneySF210-Crimp Cloth in Depth
Barbara WalkerPC010-Signature Blocks: Extraordinary OvershotFF211-Ply-Splitting from DrawdownsSF211-Ply-Split Passementerie
Kathrin WeberPC011-Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos)FF212-Not Your Grandma's Dye Pot  
Heather WinslowPC012-Weaving with New Millenium FibersFM313-New Millennium FibersFA325-Theo Moorman InlaySF212-Applying Knitting and Crochet to Handwoven Garments