Class Listing

Day ID Class Name Teacher Subject
Friday AMFM306KK's Market BasketLaura KlausBasketry
Saturday AMSM310Remote ToteLaura KlausBasketry
Friday PMFA319Napkin Basket - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLaura KlausBasketry
Saturday PMSA320Square Cake CarrierLaura KlausBasketry
Mon-WedPC003Baskets AplentyLouise FrenchBraiding
FridayFF211Ply-Splitting from Drawdowns - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableBarbara WalkerBraiding
SaturdaySF203Bands with a Purpose - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLouise FrenchBraiding
SaturdaySF211Ply-Split Passementerie - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableBarbara WalkerBraiding
Mon-WedPC002Art to WearSarah FortinDesign
FridayFF202Spice Up Your Weaving: A Design ChallengeKaren DondeDesign
Friday AMFM310Introduction to Network DraftingRobyn Spady Design
Friday PMFA314Uncommon Threads - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLayna BentleyDesign
Friday PMFA322The Devil's in the DetailRobyn Spady Design
Friday PMFA324From Cone to Clothing: One Weaver's Journey - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableDianne TottenDesign
Saturday PMSA317Design Process: From Inspiration to Finished ProjectSarah FortinDesign
FridayFF212Not Your Grandma's Dye PotKathrin WeberDyeing
Mon-WedPC009Nuno Felt: Pieces, Patches, and YardageLiz SpearFelting
FridayFF203Fabulous Felt Flower Fascinators & BroochesDawn EdwardsFelting
SaturdaySF202Woodsy Forest VesselsDawn EdwardsFelting
SaturdaySF207Explore, Experience, and Create: Adventures with Wire ClothMarilyn MooreJewelry
Friday AMFM302Sami-Inspired BraceletKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday AMFM307Catch of the DayMarilyn MooreJewelry
Saturday AMSM301Tin Thread Chevron Braided BraceletKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday PMFA315Tin Thread Necklace - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday PMFA320Basket BeautiesMarilyn MooreJewelry
Saturday PMSA314Tin Thread Bracelet with Beads and Magnetic ClaspKatherine BuengerJewelry
SaturdaySF212Applying Knitting and Crochet to Handwoven GarmentsHeather WinslowKnit & Crochet
Friday AMFM303Can't Stand Intarsia?Greg CottonKnit & Crochet
Saturday AMSM302Twined Knitting - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLaura DemuthKnit & Crochet
Saturday PMSA315Brioche KnittingLaura DemuthKnit & Crochet
FridayFF201Introduction to Nalbinding - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLaura DemuthMiscellaneous
FridayFF210Introduction to SprangCarol JamesMiscellaneous
SaturdaySF206Intermediate Sprang: Twining PatternsCarol JamesMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM301How to have a Successful Guild Sale - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLayna BentleyMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM304Temari: Swirl StitchingBetty HuttnerMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM305Toothbrush RugsDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Saturday AMSM308Temari: Interlocked BandsBetty HuttnerMiscellaneous
Saturday AMSM309Faux Braid from a NeedleDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Friday PMFA317Recycling Commercial Sweaters for Their Yarn: A Thrifty OptionTerry JonesMiscellaneous
Friday PMFA318Ripple Effect LoopingDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA313How I Fell in Love at "Tender Buttons" - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLayna BentleyMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA321Mini Fabric CollageRebecca KobosMiscellaneous
Mon-WedPC007How Red Got Her Cape: The Secrets to Purposeful Spinning - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableBeth SmithSpinning
FridayFF2063 Basic Drafting TechniquesStephenie GaustadSpinning
SaturdaySF201Learn to Use a SpindleGreg CottonSpinning
SaturdaySF209Practically Perfect in Every Way: The Leicester, the Marry Poppins of a Breeds FamilyBeth SmithSpinning
Friday AMFM309Going SteadyBeth SmithSpinning
Saturday AMSM306Spinning Cotton on a SpindleStephenie GaustadSpinning
Saturday PMSA318Breaking the RulesStephenie GaustadSpinning
FridayFF205Fiber CollageJan FriedmanSurface Design
Mon-WedPC001Introduction to Boundweave - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableLaura DemuthWeaving
Mon-WedPC004Exercises in Color Blending and TextureJan FriedmanWeaving
Mon-WedPC005Warp-Rep: Warping and Weaving Tips and TechniquesDonna HansonWeaving
Mon-WedPC006Tablet Weaving From Around the World - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableJohn MullarkeyWeaving
Mon-WedPC008A Parallel Threading Is the Weaver's Playground - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableRobyn Spady Weaving
Mon-WedPC010Signature Blocks: Extraordinary OvershotBarbara WalkerWeaving
Mon-WedPC011Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos) - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKathrin WeberWeaving
Mon-WedPC012Weaving with New Millenium Fibers - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableHeather WinslowWeaving
FridayFF204More Than 4-Color Block DoubleweaveSarah FortinWeaving
FridayFF207Beginning Rigid Heddle WeavingConstance HallWeaving
FridayFF208Introduction to Tapestry WeavingJoanne HallWeaving
FridayFF209Sleying the Warping DragonDonna HansonWeaving
SaturdaySF204Pattern Weaving on Rigid Heddle LoomConstance HallWeaving
SaturdaySF205Band Weaving on a Rigid Heddle ReedJoanne HallWeaving
SaturdaySF210Crimp Cloth in DepthDianne TottenWeaving
Friday AMFM311Introduction to Pin Loom Weaving: Mug Rug with Flowers and BeeMeg StumpWeaving
Friday AMFM312Crimp Cloth PrimerDianne TottenWeaving
Friday AMFM313New Millennium FibersHeather WinslowWeaving
Saturday AMSM303How and Why to Turn a DraftKaren DondeWeaving
Saturday AMSM304Itty Bitty BoundweaveBeth DuncanWeaving
Saturday AMSM305Weaving in 3-D Doubleweave - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableSarah FortinWeaving
Saturday AMSM307Unlock the Mysteries of Weaving Drafts - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableDonna HansonWeaving
Saturday AMSM311Weave Structures: Totally Twill--the Basics - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableRobyn Spady Weaving
Saturday AMSM312Gnome for the HolidaysMeg StumpWeaving
Friday PMFA316India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through India - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableGeke de VriesWeaving
Friday PMFA316India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through India - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableRebecca ReedWeaving
Friday PMFA323Five Essential Pin loom JoinsMeg StumpWeaving
Friday PMFA325Theo Moorman Inlay - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableHeather WinslowWeaving
Saturday PMSA316Go Big with Color and Weave Effects - CLASS FULL - Waitlist availableKaren DondeWeaving
Saturday PMSA319Create Color Wraps to Make Colorfuls WarpsDonna HansonWeaving
Saturday PMSA322Deciphering the DrawdownRobyn Spady Weaving
Saturday PMSA323From Pin Loom to Eternity (Scarf): How to Make Those Squares Adorn Your NeckMeg StumpWeaving