Class Listing

Day ID Class Name Teacher Subject
Friday AMFM306KK's Market BasketLaura KlausBasketry
Saturday AMSM310Remote ToteLaura KlausBasketry
Friday PMFA319Napkin BasketLaura KlausBasketry
Saturday PMSA320Square Cake CarrierLaura KlausBasketry
Mon-WedPC003Baskets AplentyLouise FrenchBraiding
FridayFF211Ply-Splitting from DrawdownsBarbara WalkerBraiding
SaturdaySF203Bands with a PurposeLouise FrenchBraiding
SaturdaySF211Ply-Split PassementerieBarbara WalkerBraiding
Mon-WedPC002Art to WearSarah FortinDesign
FridayFF202Spice Up Your Weaving: A Design ChallengeKaren DondeDesign
Friday AMFM310Introduction to Network DraftingRobyn Spady Design
Friday PMFA314Uncommon ThreadsLayna BentleyDesign
Friday PMFA321Surprisingly Simple Summer and WinterSarah SaulsonDesign
Friday PMFA322The Devil's in the DetailRobyn Spady Design
Friday PMFA324From Cone to Clothing: One Weaver's JourneyDianne TottenDesign
Saturday PMSA317Design Process: From Inspiration to Finished ProjectSarah FortinDesign
FridayFF212Not Your Grandma's Dye PotKathrin WeberDyeing
SaturdaySF208Awash in Color: Painting Warps Off LoomSarah SaulsonDyeing
Mon-WedPC009Nuno Felt: Pieces, Patches, and YardageLiz SpearFelting
FridayFF203Fabulous Felt Flower Fascinators & BroochesDawn EdwardsFelting
SaturdaySF202Woodsy Forest VesselsDawn EdwardsFelting
SaturdaySF207Explore, Experience, and Create: Adventures with Wire ClothMarilyn MooreJewelry
Friday AMFM302Sami-Inspired BraceletKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday AMFM307Catch of the DayMarilyn MooreJewelry
Saturday AMSM301Tin Thread Chevron Braided BraceletKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday PMFA315Tin Thread NecklaceKatherine BuengerJewelry
Friday PMFA320Basket BeautiesMarilyn MooreJewelry
Saturday PMSA314Tin Thread Bracelet with Beads and Magnetic ClaspKatherine BuengerJewelry
SaturdaySF212Applying Knitting and Crochet to Handwoven GarmentsHeather WinslowKnit & Crochet
Friday AMFM303Can't Stand Intarsia?Greg CottonKnit & Crochet
Saturday AMSM302Twined KnittingLaura DemuthKnit & Crochet
Saturday PMSA315Brioche KnittingLaura DemuthKnit & Crochet
FridayFF201Introduction to NalbindingLaura DemuthMiscellaneous
FridayFF210Introduction to SprangCarol JamesMiscellaneous
SaturdaySF206Intermediate Sprang: Twining PatternsCarol JamesMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM301How to have a Successful Guild SaleLayna BentleyMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM304Temari: Swirl StitchingBetty HuttnerMiscellaneous
Friday AMFM305Toothbrush RugsDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Saturday AMSM308Temari: Interlocked BandsBetty HuttnerMiscellaneous
Saturday AMSM309Faux Braid from a NeedleDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Friday PMFA317Recycling Commercial Sweaters for Their Yarn: A Thrifty OptionTerry JonesMiscellaneous
Friday PMFA318Ripple Effect LoopingDonna KallnerMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA313How I Fell in Love at "Tender Buttons"Layna BentleyMiscellaneous
Saturday PMSA321Mini Fabric CollageRebecca KobosMiscellaneous
Mon-WedPC007How Red Got Her Cape: The Secrets to Purposeful SpinningBeth SmithSpinning
FridayFF2063 Basic Drafting TechniquesStephenie GaustadSpinning
SaturdaySF201Learn to Use a SpindleGreg CottonSpinning
SaturdaySF209Practically Perfect in Every Way: The Leicester, the Marry Poppins of a Breeds FamilyBeth SmithSpinning
Friday AMFM309Going SteadyBeth SmithSpinning
Saturday AMSM306Spinning Cotton on a SpindleStephenie GaustadSpinning
Saturday PMSA318Breaking the RulesStephenie GaustadSpinning
FridayFF205Fiber CollageJan FriedmanSurface Design
Mon-WedPC001Introduction to BoundweaveLaura DemuthWeaving
Mon-WedPC004Exercises in Color Blending and TextureJan FriedmanWeaving
Mon-WedPC005Warp-Rep: Warping and Weaving Tips and TechniquesDonna HansonWeaving
Mon-WedPC006Tablet Weaving From Around the WorldJohn MullarkeyWeaving
Mon-WedPC008A Parallel Threading Is the Weaver's PlaygroundRobyn Spady Weaving
Mon-WedPC010Signature Blocks: Extraordinary OvershotBarbara WalkerWeaving
Mon-WedPC011Focus on the Warp (Controlling Creative Chaos)Kathrin WeberWeaving
Mon-WedPC012Weaving with New Millenium FibersHeather WinslowWeaving
FridayFF204More Than 4-Color Block DoubleweaveSarah FortinWeaving
FridayFF207Beginning Rigid Heddle WeavingConstance HallWeaving
FridayFF208Introduction to Tapestry WeavingJoanne HallWeaving
FridayFF209Sleying the Warping DragonDonna HansonWeaving
SaturdaySF204Pattern Weaving on Rigid Heddle LoomConstance HallWeaving
SaturdaySF205Band Weaving on a Rigid Heddle ReedJoanne HallWeaving
SaturdaySF210Crimp Cloth in DepthDianne TottenWeaving
Friday AMFM308Jewish Prayer Shawls: Everything You Need to Know to Honor, Use, and Make ThemSarah SaulsonWeaving
Friday AMFM311Introduction to Pin Loom Weaving: Mug Rug with Flowers and BeeMeg StumpWeaving
Friday AMFM312Crimp Cloth PrimerDianne TottenWeaving
Friday AMFM313New Millennium FibersHeather WinslowWeaving
Saturday AMSM303How and Why to Turn a DraftKaren DondeWeaving
Saturday AMSM304Itty Bitty BoundweaveBeth DuncanWeaving
Saturday AMSM305Weaving in 3-D DoubleweaveSarah FortinWeaving
Saturday AMSM307Unlock the Mysteries of Weaving DraftsDonna HansonWeaving
Saturday AMSM311Weave Structures: Totally Twill--the BasicsRobyn Spady Weaving
Saturday AMSM312Gnome for the HolidaysMeg StumpWeaving
Friday PMFA316India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through IndiaGeke de VriesWeaving
Friday PMFA316India Odyssey: Weaving Our Way Through IndiaRebecca ReedWeaving
Friday PMFA323Five Essential Pin loom JoinsMeg StumpWeaving
Friday PMFA325Theo Moorman InlayHeather WinslowWeaving
Saturday PMSA316Go Big with Color and Weave EffectsKaren DondeWeaving
Saturday PMSA319Create Color Wraps to Make Colorfuls WarpsDonna HansonWeaving
Saturday PMSA322Deciphering the DrawdownRobyn Spady Weaving
Saturday PMSA323From Pin Loom to Eternity (Scarf): How to Make Those Squares Adorn Your NeckMeg StumpWeaving